Quinta do Alvito & Quinta das Netas

Quinta do Alvito & Quinta das Netas

These vineyards are located alongside the higher sections of the Cavadinha estate and near the historic village of Provesende from where some of the Douro’s finest wines have come from.

The altitude of these vineyards (350 to 480 metres) results in wines that add fine acidity, elegance and freshness to the more intense and concentrated Warre’s wines of the lower-lying vineyards of Retiro Antigo and Telhada.


The annual average temperatures are two to three degrees cooler than in the Rio Torto vineyards or at Pinhão and the night-time temperatures fall significantly below those of the lower-lying vineyards. The ownership of these estates by individual members of the Symington family shows their commitment and confidence in the future of Port.

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