Warre’s has always been a leading producer of Vintage Port.

Over the centuries the company has made memorable wines which have earned for it First Growth status alongside a very small group of other elite producers. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Warre’s produced some of the greatest Vintage Ports ever made such as the 1870, 1887, 1896, the great 1904, the legendary 1908 and several more, all of which played a very significant role in establishing Port as one of the world’s finest wines.

More recently, Warre’s stature in this field was further consolidated with the superb 2000 and 2003 Vintage Ports which attracted worldwide acclaim.


Warre’s Vintage Ports are peerless in their expression of poise and elegance. Whereas some other Vintage Ports can be almost overwhelming in their richness, Warre’s Vintage wines combine elegance, length and balance whilst still retaining the underlying rich opulence of great Vintage Port.


This unsurpassed style is derived from the inherent characteristics of Warre’s two principal vineyards: Quinta da Cavadinha and Quinta do Retiro Antigo. They complement each other very well. Cavadinha’s location, aspect and altitude translate into a cooler ripening cycle providing the freshness, fine subtle floral aromas and ideal acidity, the latter contributing significantly to the wines’ longevity. Retiro Antigo’s location in the hotter Rio Torto Valley, combined with the fact that just over 70% of the vineyard is made up of old, mixed vines, results in wines that show great intensity, concentration and complexity. Their powerful structure also provides great staying power.


Over the next few years, fruit from Quinta da Telhada will gradually be added to offer an even wider dimension to what is already one of the Douro’s most accomplished Vintage Ports. With its high proportion of Touriga Nacional plantings at an ideal age, this vineyard is set to become an invaluable component of future Warre’s Vintages.


We invite you to explore the leading source of information on Vintage Port, The Vintage Port Site, for more information on storing purchasing, decanting and serving this fine and unique wine.


Food pairing suggestion: One of the best pairings with Vintage Port is cheese (cream cheese, blue cheese and cured cheese) but it can also be enjoyed alongside many desserts, or simply on its own.


Eight “5 star” ratings during the period 1945-2000 by Michael Broadbent.“5 star” Vintage Ports: 1945, 1955, 1966, 1970, 1985, 1994, 1997, 2000.Michael Broadbent, Vintage Wine 2002

Six Warre’s Vintage Ports rated 90 or more Points by Robert Parker:1977 (92), 1983 (90), 1985 (90), 1994 (94), 2000 (91), 2003 (93).


Eleven Warre’s Vintage Ports rated 90 or more Points by Wine Spectator:1927 (93), 1947 (91), 1960 (90), 1963 (92), 1966 (91), 1977 (92), 1985 (91), 1991 (91), 1994 (95), 1997 (94), 2000 (91).


Wine Spectator Magazine recently published a supplement containing what it considered to be the 250 best wines of the last 10 years. It includes wines ranked from Nº1 to Nº25 from the Wine Spectator’s annual Top 100 for the years 1995 through 2005. Five Wines from the Symington family have earned a place in this “Hall of Fame” – including Warre’s 1994 Vintage Port – an impressive accomplishment for any wine producer.Wine Spectators 250 Greatest Wines Of Our Time

[1] Six times by the International Wine Challenge and twice by Portugal’s leading wine publication, Revista de Vinhos

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