Warre’s Colheitas are beautifully structured and delicious with delicate fruit and an enticing, silky-smooth texture and a long opulent finish.

Colheita Ports are made from wines of a single harvest that have been matured in wood for seven or more years before bottling. The date on the label is the year of the harvest and the bottling date, shown on the back label, makes it easy to know how many years the wine was aged in wood. Colheitas share many of the best characteristics of Aged Tawny Ports although as wines of a single harvest the individual features of each year are distinctively reflected.


Food pairing suggestion: Colheita Ports take on all the nuances and refined nutty, dried fruit flavours of Aged Tawnies but also express the unique characteristics of a single year. Colheitas make a good match with creamy desserts, nuts and dried fruits.


Colheita 1987
93 out of 100 Points

"The other top dated wine is the superb Warre’s 1987, with flavours of ginger, clove and butterscotch, combined with a youthful note of black cherry."
Mark Golodetz, Wine Enthusiast


Colheita 1961
“A wonderfully complex bouquet, with notes of cinnamon, clove, honey, and almonds. Rich and exuberantly fruity on the palate. Gently spicy, with excellent acidity and length. Seriously good."
Michael Steinberger, Saveur

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